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Proszek do prania JELP posiada szereg certyfikatów i jest szczególnie polecany dla niemowląt, dzieci i alergików

Happy Evolution Magazine 2019 - magazyn wydawany w j.angielskim (100 stron)

Happy Evolution Magazine 2019

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Happy Evolution Magazine has been created to enable a unique connection of brilliant minds from all over the world under one roof. It i san independent magazine, without advertisement of all multinational brands, free from green washing and any misleading communication. Scientists, medical doctors and specialists share their best knowledge for the sake of our better health and broader self-development. The magazine is divided into 10 steps, including inspirational interviews and articles, letting the reader to grasp the holistic idea of self-operated manual to gain back the life power, the genuine strenght to live at the maximum possibilities, but at a minimum cost.

Happy Evolution Magazine #1/2019


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