Proszek do prania JELP posiada szereg certyfikatów i jest szczególnie polecany dla niemowląt, dzieci i alergików

JELP Set Duo 10,8kg - A specialised washing powder, 144 washes

JELP Set Duo 10,8kg

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JELP Set Duo 10,8kg consist of:
 concentrated washing powder for white clothes JELP Fresh Classic 5,4kg - 72 washes
 concentrated washing powder for white clothes JELP Fresh Classic 5,4kg - 72 washes
Why JELP is so special?

 hypoallergenic powder, safe for sensitive skin

 recommended for children since the first day of their life

 does not contain skin irritants

 Danish quality confirmed by the millions of mothers and the Polish Institute of Mother and Child

 efficient - concentrated formula provides 2 times more washes

 1 washing uses only 75g of powder

 suitable for hand washing and washing machine

 biodegradable - protects the environment, does not contain phosphates

JELP - the safest choice for your family
JELP washing powders meet the expectations of young mothers, their children and those with sensitive skin. Improved formula of the powder does not cause irritation and skin dryness. The use of JELP powders is completely safe for the skin of children, as well as allergies and asthmatics. JELP producer emphasis on innovation and effectiveness of their products and their impact on the environment. JELP don’t contain phosphates - that is why JELP products are not harmful and are completely biodegradable.

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